Whitesyke and Bentyfield Mine

The remains of this 19th century lead mine complex lie on the Garrigill Burn in the South Tyne Valley above Alston. They once formed part of an extensive complex of more than 100 lead mines operating in the area during the 18th and 19th centuries. The remains include a mine shop, a dressing floor and several mine level entrances. You can view the remaining structures from a flagstone path which follows the line of an old tramway and there are interpretative panels in place which detail the processes that occurred here. Facilities are available off site in Garrigill.
Whitsyke and Bentyfield mine © NPAP/Beck Baker


On a hairpin bend on the B 6277 above Garrigill.


  • Boggy ground
  • Off road sections



  • Car parking


Facilities nearby: 

  • Pub
  • Shop
  • Toilets