Ashgill Force Waterfall

This spectacular waterfall is reached by footpath from Ashgill Bridge and is well worth the short walk down into the wooded gorge. Framed by the soaring arch of the bridge, peaty water tumbles over a lip of hard limestone. Under the limestone are black shales and thin sandstone beds which are easily eroded away by the water. This causes undercutting of the limestone, which will eventually break off. Over thousands of years this as happened many times causing the waterfall to move upstream, creating a gorge as it goes.
Ashgill Force © NPAP/K. Gibson


The waterfall can be accessed from a path from Ashgill bridge on the B 6277. Alternatively you can follow the South Tyne Trail from Garrigill.


  • Boggy ground
  • Off road sections
  • Steep sections



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